Wheelock seeks New England-headquartered manufacturing and service businesses with positive cash flows. Wheelock considers opportunities in a wide range of sectors and prefers to invest our time and money in areas that are not a focus for traditional private equity firms. Below are representative industries of interest:

  • Business Services
  • Energy Services
  • Enterprise Software (Traditional & SaaS)
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial Products & Components
  • Industrial Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Infrastructure/Water/Wastewater
  • Later Stage Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Military & Defense Products and Services
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Other

Wheelock takes a disciplined approach to identifying, acquiring, managing and ultimately exiting its operating businesses, overlaying every opportunity against its investment criteria.

Industry Criteria:

  • Product based manufacturing niches or business-to-business service niches
  • Growing industry
  • Relatively simple market
  • Not a private equity or venture capital focus
  • Fragmented market, no dominant player
  • Low technology/regulatory risk

Company Criteria:

  • $5-50m revenues, >5% EBITDA (minimum $500,000)
  • Owner planning to retire or reduce involvement in day-to-day operations
  • Differentiated product offering (barriers to entry)
  • Recurring revenue
  • Low capital expenditure requirements

Wheelock may relax some of the above criteria under the right set of circumstances.