Wheelock Partners respects the legacy of a firm’s owner and the importance of preserving a firm’s culture. By leveraging the New England traditions of work ethic and ingenuity our portfolio companies compete and win in the global marketplace. We recognize that successful businesses take time to build so we don’t impose an artificial timeline on our investments, preferring a truly long-term investment time horizon. This view toward growth over the long-term, sets the stage for decision making that leads to meaningful, sustainable growth.

We bring a roll-up-our-sleeves mindset to our roles in the companies we purchase with the belief that real value is built through operating success rather than financial engineering. We take great pride in our work, making it a priority to create long-term relationships built upon trust, integrity and respect in all of our activities.

Team and Track Record

The Wheelock team has a proven track record of successfully buying, managing and selling small businesses and that is the firm’s sole purpose.

Your Company, Your Deal

As a business owner, you’ve built your company over years so it fits your lifestyle and meets your objectives. Shouldn’t you be able to structure a deal that does too?

Wheelock was structured to provide a one-stop succession plan for business owners. There are no middle-men when you partner with Wheelock. We make the decision to acquire a business, provide the capital and manage the company after the purchase, all-in-one.

Our structure enables flexibility to accommodate a business owner’s unique objectives in the sale of his/her business. Whether it’s timing, deal structure, creative tax planning, a seller’s preference toward post acquisition involvement, retaining an ongoing stake in the business or an outright exit, we can work with the seller to accomplish his/her goals. We prefer to initiate a dialog with a business owner far in advance of the acquisition, but can respond quickly to urgent situations.

We manage the transition to maintain continuity in leadership and day-to-day operations while simultaneously positioning the company for continued growth. Our team has extensive experience successfully negotiating these inherent challenges in a diverse set of markets and circumstances. We will work with owners to craft a transition plan that addresses the distinct nature of each transaction. Our experience managing production and service operations provides the seller with the confidence that the firm, its employees and its reputation are poised for continued success.